Once lit, a chandelier creates a true spectacular light display. Chandeliers illuminate both the ceiling and the floor of your room, creating a distinctive atmosphere that varies from one chandelier to another. Whether placed above your countertop, in the hall, in the living room or in the dining room, the chandelier creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with light that is harmoniously diffused throughout the room.

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Chandeliers are mainly intended for lighting indoor areas such as the living or bedroom. Modern, vintage, contemporary, black or gold, there is something for every style and occasion. 

Choosing the Right Chandelier

To bring harmony to the décor of your interior, it is important to choose your chandeliers carefully. It is important not to choose at random, as it will contribute to the charm of your home.

In fact, the criteria for selecting the ideal chandelier should take into account the height and surface area of the room to be lit. For example, a space with a high ceiling will require an impressive chandelier.

Similarly, for small spaces, opt for a chandelier size that is proportional to the size of the ceiling or area in question. For comfort, it should be hung at a good height to ensure that your guests are at ease.

You can also use other light sources such as wall lights or table lamps for even greater brightness. The type of lighting is essential and is not to be underestimated. Always consider the size of your room before buying. It is preferable to opt for contemporary lighting for very large rooms. On the other hand, it is better to go for design for a smaller room such as the bedroom or kitchen.

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The History of Chandeliers

Since Antiquity, chandeliers have been illuminating homes. Initially designed in the shape of a wooden cross and adorned with candles, chandeliers have seen their shape and materials gradually diversifying to symbolise luxury and wealth.

Although the drop in production costs in the 18th century made it possible to design ever larger chandeliers adorned with an impressive quantity of prisms and crystal pendants, it was in the 19th century that candles were first replaced by gas lighting and then by electricity. However, in order to preserve the charm of the old candles, it is not uncommon today to see the light bulbs hidden by artificial candles.

The subsequent widespread use of electricity allowed the middle class to enjoy this luxurious decorative and lighting item. Today, anyone can hang a chandelier in any room of their house, as there is a wide range of chandeliers made of different materials: metal, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, chrome, etc.

As one of the most extravagant hanging lights, the chandelier dares to be anything from the most brilliant materials to precious stones, as well as basic elements such as wood and cast iron. Today, the chandelier can be used in many different ways and installed anywhere in the home.

A chandelier containing several lights placed above the dining table is ideal for illuminating the meals. Its size should be chosen according to the size of the table. It can be placed at a low height without the risk of being bumped into. 

In the living room, the chandelier will be more discreet and smaller as it will coexist with other lighting fixtures, unless it is a mansion or a very large house with a high ceiling. By lowering it low or raising it high, depending on the size of the living room, it will be necessary to adapt its power for optimal lighting.

It is also possible to install a chandelier in a reception area provided that the entrance has a high ceiling. Also, it must not glare at people and must be adapted to the dimensions of the room or corridor.

It may not seem obvious at first, but it is possible to hang a chandelier in a stairwell. This decorative and luminous object will perfectly fill the height of a stairwell and will be large enough to make people forget that they are going up the stairs.