Crystal Chandelier



The crystal chandelier is one of the most enigmatic lighting fixtures for interior spaces. Today, the chandelier is no longer reserved for the living room and the hallway. This type of lighting is now used in every room in the house. Whether in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, it is the ideal light to enhance your living space. At Chandelier Lights, we offer you a wide range of Chandeliers, including different models of crystal chandeliers that will delight you.

Greatest Selection of Crystal Chandeliers Online

At Chandelier Lights, all our chandeliers have one thing in common: they embody an eye for detail, with a fondness for originality and a love of quality. Our crystal chandeliers have been selected with the utmost care to ensure your total satisfaction.

Whether it is a classic model such as an antique glass chandelier featuring the works of Italian artists, or fancy filigree models reminiscent of Spanish mansions, there is something for everyone! We also have models of antique chandeliers in cottage crystal. This type of lighting subtly splits the sunlight through their finely polished prisms. It not only provides a warmer atmosphere, but also lighting effects that are sure to amaze.

All of our lights are made of high quality materials and are carefully finished. Glass beads, hand-painted, aged-effect frames, arabesques... so many details that will set your interior decoration apart.

Moreover, today, this model of lighting inspires designers and artists to constantly renew their creations in order to combine the antique glass chandelier with all types of furnishings.

Of all the lighting fixtures in the world, the crystal chandelier is undoubtedly one of the most noble and ever-lasting. This type of lighting is very elegant and reminds us of the royal dynasties and majestic palaces of the old days. It brings a touch of nostalgia and charm to an interior. 

A chandelier with glittering glass crystals will look great in a room with light, powdery tones and worn furniture. You can also choose to accompany it with a pretty pair of curtains and an antique-style mirror with an aged effect, for a perfect total makeover. Depending on the space you have and the height of the ceiling, you will find crystal chandeliers of varying sizes in our selection.

Enhance your Interior with Crystal Chandeliers

There is nothing like a crystal chandelier to enhance a living room. It brings a unique and authentic touch to your living room and spreads an atmosphere reminiscent of aristocratic interiors. If you have a country house, a loft or an old building, a crystal chandelier will surely enhance your interior decoration. And if you are simply a fan of antique style, don't hesitate to give in to the charm of a crystal chandelier. It goes without saying that a chandelier brings a whole new look to your interior design.

At Chandelier Lights, you can order your favourite antique chandeliers online. Our models are artistically made of wood or forged iron and are provided with refined ornaments that will surely amaze you!


Generally, a crystal chandelier is best suited to a large living room with a classic, traditional style of decor. However, today there are a multitude of design variations that allow these ceiling lights to be installed in any room of the house.

For example, chandelier designs with crystal pendants look great in a bedroom or kitchen. This adds a touch of charm to the room. You can also install a chandelier in a large staircase or hallway to emphasise the authentic look of the light. In this way, the filigree details can be viewed from different perspectives.

Different light sources create an incomparably cosy and friendly atmosphere. For fascinating counterpoints in a modern room, opt for a crystal chandelier with ornamental details.

For your bathroom, you can also play the originality card. Place an imposing a crystal chandelier for a nostalgic chic touch in this room that invites you to relax and feel at ease.